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VIIVRIA Dual Output USB Multimeter Detector Current Voltage Tester Charger Doctor

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Quick Overview

Monitor the charging status of android smart phones, tablets, iPad, iPhone, etc. With this detector you can easily distinguish poor quality cables and chargers, and find out the reason why your phone charges slowly.

Accurately measure the voltage and current of a USB power supply, but it's smaller, more portable and more convenient than a big and expensive multimeter.

Two-line dual-color display of both current and voltage. Voltage displays in red and current displays in blue, it is easy to distinguish and you can read both data at the same time.

With a cable connected to the input plug, the detector can fit chargers and power banks of any shapes and directions. It is more convenient than other fixed designs, because it is easier to connect and read the data.

Two output ports make it possible to charge two devices at the same time with one charger. But please be noted: if you connect 2 devices to the detector, the voltage is of both output(parallel circuit voltage is equal), and the current is the sum of the two ports.


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Product description

Want to know why your smart phone is charging slowly?

Why your external battery doesn't charge?

Spend hundreds of Pounds on a heavy and large multimeter?

No! All you need is EzReal USB Portable Power Monitor

Simply conect the monitor to the USB of chargers, external batteries and smart phones, read the current and voltage in the LED screen

?¡èVery Useful for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Tablets

??Monitor the charging status of android smat phones, tablets, iPad, iPhone, etc. , and display the charging current and voltage in real-time

?¡èCharger Doctor and Defective Device Detector

??Measure the current and voltage output of wall chargers, car chargers, external batteries and PC, to identify whether the charger works or the reason of charging slow

?¡èSmall, Powerful and Easy to Use

??Small, portable, powerful, easy to use. Measure precise voltage and current more easily, compared to large current and voltage meters

?¡èWide Compatibility and Accurate Results

??Wide compatibility and accurate results. Meet the testing needs of almost any USB charging devices


??Bright red LED display, visible in the dark, and easy to read

Note: Port I for USB2.0 charging and data transfer. Port II for charging only, no data transfer.

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